Lights & Special Effects


Lighting & special effects can set the mood, create beauty, & add excitement during your wedding reception! Check out some our unique wedding enhancements that will take your wedding to the next level!

Wedding Sparklers

What can we say here other than WOW FACTOR!  Wedding sparklers can be utilized during your grand entrance, first dance, or sparkler send off!  Primarily used for creating a breath-taking first dance photo we have options of 2, 4, and 6 sparkler units!  These are completely cool and can be touched during use.  We can control the height to accommodate lower ceilings but can shoot up to 17 feet on their highest setting!

Venue: Oglebay
Photo by: Tamaras Cameras
Venue: Oglebay
Photo by: Tamaras Cameras
Dancing On The Cloud

Dancing on the clouds are truly a magical experience!  This low lying fog effect uses dry ice.  It will not set off smoke alarms and can be ignited anywhere.  When used in combination with wedding sparklers you have committed to having the most luxurious wedding first dance photo of all time!  When your old and gray, this will still be the photo hanging on your wall!

Monogram Lighting

Wedding  Monogram Lighting is having your names in light projected on to a wall, dance floor, or wherever else you prefer!  We provide you with a 6-page digital catalogue.  This catalogue contains many different design options to choose from to ensure you get that perfect projection.  We also carry different lighting fixtures that have the capability to project these monograms in venues with a lot of ambient light shining inside.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent  Lighting has many practical applications.  It can be used to spotlight you during all your special dances, create patterns or designs on floors/walls, act as fill lighting for toasts /blessing, and take your dance party lighting to the next level!   Some people utilize them to project moving images for themed weddings!  Currently, we have options of 2, 4, & 6 Wedding Intelligent Lights!

Head Table Lighting

Illuminate  your head table!  This can really make your head stand out!  We can customize the color to suit your taste!

Wedding Wash Lighting

Wedding  Wash lighting is primarily used to color a ceiling.  You can use this in combination with your uplighting to enhance the ambience.  We have lit the ceiling a separate color from the walls in the past and must say it looks fabulous!  We have options of 2 and 4 wash lights.  The area you want illuminated will determine the quantity you need.

Jonathan made our wedding something that people will continue to talk about for years to come. He is so full of life and truly takes pride in what he does. He brought what we thought was an impossible vision for our special night to life!
— MIchael C., 05/10/2021

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